Biomimetics: Nature-Based Innovation

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In particular, the waste management and chemical manufacturing sectors are predicted to step up the implementation biomimicry methods in attempts to enhance sustainability:. The Ray C. Through this project, groups of engineers come together to work in teams and develop solutions to everyday problems. The bottom line is, if you give the space and infrastructure to a group of engaged individuals and encourage them to be creative, you can create an environment in which inspiring innovation can flourish — the same holds for any company competing in any market.

We now know that nature has spent billions of years testing, evolving, and refining its processes. In nature, you might call it survival of the fittest. In product design, you might call it trial and error. For innovations to succeed, there must be room for experimentation within the framework of innovation management at your company. Making space for inventions inspired by nature means devoting time to not only creating ideas, but also developing them and, crucially, testing them.

Different groups of foragers go out to test the new source at different times, with different levels of information.

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Biomimicry, or a sudden light bulb moment, may provide the spark, but it is up to the management to ensure the proper evaluation and testing of any product or process is carried out. The use-cases which can be tackled by this type of platform are far reaching, from continuous improvement , to new product development, to disruptive innovation. Whatever the objective, when inspiration is taken from nature the results can be truly transformative. The answers are around us and within our reach — we just need to think outside of our own ecosystem.

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Biologically inspired innovation

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Case Studies. Innovator Spotlight Interviews. Analyst Reviews. Market Guide for Innovation Management Solutions. Innovation Management Vendor Landscapes Report. All told, this set of strategies and products begins to convey the breadth of innovation in the natural world. Download Print-friendly PDF Introduction Nearly all living things rely on diffuse and transient flows of energy and materials.

Blueprints for Innovation Life can be thought of as a long-running research and development program that has yielded invaluable design ideas. Accelerating Innovation A flurry of innovation occurred in the twentieth century that had a positive, transformative effect on economies and societies.

Why Bioinspired Innovation? Market Readiness of Bioinspired Innovations. Topics Tap to Open. Carbon Swipe. Colin Freeman, University of Sheffield Some organisms control calcite deposition to build complex structures like eggs—a process that could inspire precise ceramic manufacturing techniques. Biomimetic Water-Splitting Catalyst Dr. Peter Dinolfo Terrapin assisted Dr. Leaf-Mimicking Artificial Photosynthesis Dr.

Biomimicry is more than just good design.

Photosynthetic Foam Dr. Jim Spain, Georgia Tech Scientists at Georgia Tech patented the use of biological enzymes that break down harmful carbon compounds into valuable chemicals. Biotechnology Chemical Manufacturing Waste Management. Mango Materials Mango Materials Using waste methane as a feedstock, Mango Materials grows bacteria that naturally produce a biopolymer. In Market.

Water Swipe. Agriculture Water Treatment. Rupert Soar, Freeform Construction Ltd. Seawater Greenhouse Seawater Greenhouses Ltd.

Biologically inspired innovation

Agriculture Chemical Manufacturing Water Treatment. Agriculture Food Manufacturing Water Treatment. Waste Management Water Treatment. Materials Swipe. Nacre-Inspired Deformable Glass Dr. Francois Barthelat, McGill University Inspired by the microscopic structure of nacre and teeth, researchers at McGill University developed deformable glass that is times tougher than standard glass due to a pattern of micro-cracks.

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Advanced Materials Glass Products. Bacteria-Inspired Adhesive Dr. Jay Tang, Brown University The bacterium Caulobacter crescentus produces a biodegradable, waterproof adhesive with greater strain resistance than commercial super glues. Advanced Materials. Spider Silk Fibers Multiple Researchers Spider silk has high tensile strength, extensibility and toughness compared to synthetic fibers like Kevlar and nylon.

Whale Pacemaker Jorge Reynolds Pombo Contractions in humpback whale hearts are controlled by nano-fibers that conduct electrical signals through an otherwise non-conductive grease coating the heart. Biofilm-Based Technology Dr. Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall Achim Menges, University of Stuttgart Taking inspiration from the material-efficient structures of organisms like sand dollars, architect Achim Menges constructed a bubble-like pavilion using interlocking timber panels.

Enzyme-Inspired Polymer Synthesis Dr. Agriculture Biotechnology Food Manufacturing.

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Lotus Leaf-Inspired Coating Dr. Mussel-Inspired Adhesive Dr. Chunlei Guo, University of Rochester Dr. Melik Demirel; Penn State Inspired by the mechanical properties of squid teeth, engineers created a polymer that can heal itself in the presence of warm water and slight pressure.