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Book 1: Champagne Secrets After capturing some footballers' wives in a bust-up on a plane using only her camera phone, Eva Valentine is offered the chance of a lifetime - a new job as an undercover TV reporter. But the offer means moving to London with her little daughter Daisy Even her new man doesn't know what she's up to..

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After a near-death experience which left her in a deep coma, Eva Valentine survives against all odds and quickly marries the man who nursed her back to health. Boozing her way through her wedding and three-week honeymoon in Mauritius, Eva is shocked to learn that she is already three months pregnant. You're reviewing: Book 1: Champagne Secrets.

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In in Renards, the Dublin nightclub where Amanda Brunker once worked as a hostess, the self-styled model, TV presenter, party girl and former Miss Ireland launched Champagne Kisses, the first in a trilogy of novels charting the doings of one Eva "Da Diva" Valentine, gossip columnist, party animal and general good-time girl. With her designer rag-bag of chums -- catwalk queen Maddie, minted "Princess" Lisa and maypole gay Parker -- Eva's reckless, fizz-swilling antics mirrored those of many perhaps not-so-bright young things hitching a ride on the Celtic Tiger even as it loped inexorably into extinction.

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The boom-to-bust year of saw Eva go from Diva to Desperate Housewife, as she battled life-threatening illness, an errant husband, several spare tyres and the birth of her special-needs daughter Daisy, in Champagne Babes. Now Eva the Diva is back, albeit undercover, in Champagne Secrets, the final book in Brunker's best-selling trilogy. Having caught a footballers' wives catfight on camera phone and flogged the resulting footage to an English breakfast telly show, Eva duly bags the job of undercover TV reporter -- as you do.

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Charged with capturing the doings of sneak thieves, drug barons and other such disreputables on a concealed camera whilst posing as a hostess in a seedy London nightclub, Eva embraces the task with customary gusto. Meanwhile, her Auntie Maura, conveniently living nearby with her large and noisy Maguire brood, rises valiantly to the task of minding baby Daisy, leaving Eva free to rediscover her inner diva between stints of sequinned cloak-and-dagger escapades in London's murky underworld of strip clubs, crack dens and illegal drinking dives.

To this end, Eva is aided and abetted by her old chums, most notably Parker, who, recession notwithstanding, flies practically on a loop between Dublin and London to fund her party lifestyle with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of pink pounds.

Predictably, given her penchant for sex every which way with pretty much anyone that's even half way up for it, it doesn't take Eva long to rack up the notches on her bedpost.