Computer-Aided Introduction to Econometrics

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Advanced Graphics, tabualtions and Statistical Analysis using Stata. Data Presentation and Visualization. Effective reporting of statistical results.

Computer-Aided Introduction to Econometrics

Whether a concomitant internationalization can be detected also in the econometric foundations of monetary policy is the …. Financial Markets play an important role in economic development, channeling saving to investments and facilitating growth.

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In Eastern Europe financial markets were initially much underdeveloped, and lacked the skills and infrastructure they …. The Internal Market initiative and the Euro introduction …. In writing this book, I increasingly became aware of the extent to which much of the finest social science research has been devoted to the issue of unemployment.

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Unemployment rightly is a key issue in the social sciences for search of social and …. For the first time eleven European countries agreed to abolish their local currencies in favour of a single one, the Euro.

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