Deadly Derbyshire. Tales of Murder and Manslaughter c.1700-1900

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A former student of the University of Sheffield, where he graduated with a degree in Archaeology and Prehistory in July , He has been writing since the age of eight.

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His earliest work was written for personal interest but later he began to submit articles for publication in magazines, a number of which were printed. Whilst at university he wrote for both his university student news website and a national student website.

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He has recently had articles printed in local newspapers. Additionally he has had articles relating to true crime placed on several websites.

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  • Many of his articles can be viewed by visiting the 'Published Articles' page of his website. Much of his work has concerned cases of suspected miscarriages of justice, although he writes about crime in general. It features more than 50 cases of murder and manslaughter to have taken place in Derbyshire during the 18th and 19th centuries. The book includes a case from Parwich. In William Webster committed murder by poisoning.

    I have obtained a reasonably large amount of information about the case and presented it in the book. Other cases from across the entire county are also featured, including cases never before written about.

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    I have uncovered many cases which had been lost in the archives. Posted in , History , Posts of Note 11 Comments. This brings to mind the strange case of the Victorian miscreant Jock the rapper. He was never caught.

    In a certain Bessie Plum of Peak Forest stood accused at Buxton assizes of invoking the creatures of the night ,practising the dark arts and of supping with the devil hlmself who would manifest in the guise of a goat at the stroke of midnight. She vehemently denied these allegations claiming that they had arisen from malicious gossip and hearsay.


    She appealed for acquittal on compassionate grounds stating that her son Billy would be left to fend for himself in the event of her conviction. At the turn of the nineteenth century Uriah Creep a farrier from Doveholes was convicted of voyeurism and pilloried for three days in Ashbourne market place.

    He was caught whilst spying on young courting couples on the I Peek trail. In Cuthbert Grime and his brother Horace of Derby were actively involved in the heinous albeit lucrative trade of procuring fresh cadavers to medical schools for anatomical research. They would stealthily work by moonlight in the churchyards disinterring their shrouded booty , they were both eventually apprehended after drunkenly boasting of their exploits in a local tavern they were tried,found guilty and handed down suspended sentences on the gallows. The dissected remains were later reinterred with all due respect hence the epitaph R.

    Rest In Pieces. In Felix Bartholomew of Bonsal a notoriously prolific cat burglar was finally brought to justice after falling from a roof and breaking his leg. Five moggies,four ginger toms,three tabbies two tortoiseshells and a Persian were all reunited with their owners.

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    In the early eighteen hundreds a spate of horse stealing in Parwich led to the instigation of the first neigh-bourhood watch. He was then set upon by footpads who stole all his valuables ,clothes and even his boots and left him with only his longjohns, wandering around In a daze he was flattened by the mail coach as it rattled through town and then trampled by a herd of cattle being driven to market, as he lay sprawled on the cobbles breathing his last a passing priest asked him if their was anything he could do?

    His family always insisted that he was framed. In Victorian times there were sinister goings on in Brassington. Items of ladies hosiery were mysteriously disappearing from washing lines after dark.