Learning Curves: A Novel of Sex, Suits, and Business Affairs

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Bloody nightmare. There are no single men in London as far as I can tell. And I thought—why Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: NEW. Seller Inventory IM More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: New. Brand New Book.

Harriet Bell founded Green Futures, a consulting firm, after splitting up with Jen ;s big-shot father, who runs a rival and Harriet thinks corrupt company. But Harriet can ;t expose his crimes without proof. Since Jen hasn ;t seen her dad in more than fifteen years, it ;s a snap to infiltrate his company. Soon she ;s worming her way into the good graces of the company ;s managers to find evidence of wrongdoing. What she discovers is that her father ;s world is a whole lot different from her own ;filled with Palm Pilots, MBAs, martini lunches, designer suits, and Daniel Peterson, a guy who puts the gorge in gorgeous.

Could it be that her Big Bad Dad isn ;t the monster her mom made him out to be? Only time will tell ;preferably from a Cartier watch on the wrist of Daniel Peterson. Seller Inventory LVN Book Description Ballantine Books, Mass Market Paperback. Gemma Townley. Publisher: Ballantine Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. I laughed out loud numerous times and vowed to read everything else she's written unfortunately, some of her stuff is hard to find in the US. If you like Sophie Kinsella, give her sister a go as well. Mar 18, Tiffany rated it liked it Shelves: chicklit , Not a bad piece of chick lit. But I felt I could not connect or love Jen in a way, a reader often feels a sense of love, or kindness for a character. I bought a few more books by her, which I hope will be better.

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Didn't enjoy this book one bit - main character was predictable, and made such life altering changes so quickly that it was hard to believe. Plot was weak, and the author seemed to have a hard time even remembering that there WAS one. Not something I'd ever read again! Jenifer Jen Bell was your idealist - former tree huger- friend.

So idealist that when she investigated her estranged dad's company, she saw everything in black and white. Every corporation is evil and money is the source of evil might as well be her motto. And it got me so frustrated.

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Jen was alright in the beginning, compared to her woo-woo mum. And when Jen t 2.

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And when Jen took the wrong turn in her personality, her mum was a bit understandable. Jen fell into every stupid misconception in her head and I wanna scream and shake her to at least learn something before she drew any conclusion. I'm liking the 'twist', if it could be called that. And the writing was decent. Then again, it's not me, it's you, Jen.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Good book.

At one point I didn't know who to believe the mother or the father. Man if my mom was like Harriet I'd probably lose my mind. I like Daniel, I love stories when a girl tames a player. Well Anita calls him a player once, he doesn't really seem like one. I would have totally killed Gavin for saying that he was back with Jen! Jan 23, Alice Rabbit rated it it was ok. Jul 10, Vanessa rated it liked it.

Gemma Townley writes similar books each time, although there are different settings and different names. This book is a quick, easy read. Jen has decided that she needs to make some changes in her life, but isn't entirely sure what she should be doing or how to go about making any changes. She's comfortable where she is, having dumped a boyfriend and having a "normal" life, but doesn't quite know how to say no. So when her mother comes to her and asks her to do her MBA at Bell Consulting, Jen's Gemma Townley writes similar books each time, although there are different settings and different names.

So when her mother comes to her and asks her to do her MBA at Bell Consulting, Jen's father's company, she doesn't refuse because maybe this is what she needs to do to change her life up a bit. Plus her mother wants her to look into some possible corruption. Under the guise of being in the MBA program, Jen starts to try to find out what her father has been up to.

But that is where things get complicated. She starts to get into her studies because of a handsome lecturer, Daniel. She is found out by her father, she starts arguing with her mother, and her ex-boyfriend slips back into her life randomly.

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Fortunately for Jen, she has her best friend Angel and her personal tutor, she learns more about herself and business. Things only continue to get complicated for Jen until she finally learns information to sort everything out. Mar 25, Ra Cristina rated it it was amazing.

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I grabbed this book from my work small library. I was in the mood for a cute romantic story and the cover grabbed my attention. I find myself reading a lot of books because of the way the cover looks.


Learning Curves

I guess that what she is trying to do is find out who she really is and she is trying to find the truth about her parents. After she meets Daniel she realizes that love is not exactly how she thought it is. Her heart is broken multipl I grabbed this book from my work small library. Her heart is broken multiple times by the people around her but by the end things might not be as dramatic as they seem. The only thing that I found a bit boring was the fact that there was too much of business talk, but other than that this book is a great, easy read. It deserves 5 stars! I picked it up again a few days ago and discovered that it was being obvious because there was another layer of deception under all the obvious stuff, and that once I got into it I really liked the British humo u r and the way the characters used business strategies to try to fix their love lives.

The plot was still a little fluffy in spots, but a fun read in the end. Apr 04, Sara rated it liked it. When Jessica realises that things are definitely not what they seem, with the help of her friends Helen, Giles, Ivana and Sean, can she save her marriage to Max or has she dug herself into a hole too deep? This is a fun story that lends us the moral "that everything is not what it seems, and sometimes what you see on the surface is nowhere near the truth".

The first in a trilogy, Jessica Wild befriends Grace, one of the residents at her grandmother's retirement village. To keep Grace happy she entertains her with stories about a fictional boyfriend, her gorgeous boss Anthony Milton. She even starts wearing a shiny engagement ring and "elopes" when the wedding date nears.

Then Grace dies, leaving her multi-million-pound inheritance to her in the name of Mrs Jessica Milton. So now, to score the fortune, Jess needs to start dating her boss - and get him to marry her - all within 50 days.

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With the help of her flatmate Helen and Russian escort Ivana, Jessica transforms into a wilder, sexier woman who cares more about having fun than her advertising job.