Rethinking Anti-Racisms: From Theory to Practice

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New York: Teachers College Press. How can teachers learn to teach rich, academically rigorous multicultural curricula under current standardization constraints? This book grew out of my work with teachers in a graduate course on multicultural curriculum design. This second edition, which has been an excellent-seller, offers a much-needed framework to help teachers take on this challenge. Description of book content. New York: Routledge. This new book grows from work we have been doing with the National Association for Multicultural Education, focusing on diversifying the teacher workforce and narrowing the demographic gap between who teaches and who populates U.

While the demographic gap is often invoked to provide a needed rationale for preparing all teachers, and especially White teachers, to work with students of color, it is far less often invoked in an effort to examine why the teaching force remains predominantly White in the first place.

This edited collection brings together leading scholars to look closely at this problem. They examine why the teaching force is predominantly White from historical as well as contemporary perspectives, showcase and report available data on a variety of ways this problem is being tackled at the pre-service and teacher credentialing levels, and examine how a diverse and high-quality teaching force can be retained and thrive.

New York: Peter Lang. In this collection of essays versions of which have been previously published, mainly as journal articles , I place the work of teachers and teacher educators within a struggle over what it means to educate a highly diverse public. Visions for public education, as shaped by progressivism and the Civil Rights movements, have emphasized preparation of all children and youth for participation in a diverse democracy.

This vision is being challenged by neoliberalism, which frames education as a commodity to be acquired for individual advancement within a competitive marketplace, and as an arena for profit-making. What does it mean to build or act in solidarity, especially in multicultural contexts? This book takes on that question.

In this book, experts from around the globe grapple with what solidarity in multicultural societies might mean and how it might be built. With a variety of analytical perspectives and findings, the authors present original research conducted in the United States, New Zealand, Spain, France, Chile, Mexico, and India. Educators will recognize relationships between issues discussed in the book and their own places of work, helping them to better understand issues of diversity and take steps toward building solidarity in their own schools and communities.

This book demonstrates the commonality of purpose across the globe to connect schools and teachers with the communities they serve, and suggests avenues for bringing diverse understandings together to bridge antagonism and fear.

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This book, international in orientation but with a specific focus on India, grew out of a fabulous conference of the same name, held in New Delhi in Data were produced by a research team who conducted a three-year external evaluation of the project in 22 of the 33 schools implementing its professional development initiative. The book shows the extent to which a well-conceptualized and culturally grounded program in culturally responsive pedagogy, supported by a well-conceptualized professional development program, can shift teacher practices and understandings.

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These shifts lead to a reduction in the achievement disparities of minoritized students, as well as support for the students as culturally located human beings. In this book, we showcase the professional experience and wisdom of classroom teachers who have been navigating standards- and test-driven teaching environments in California and New York, without losing their vision of what teaching can be. Representing diverse backgrounds, schools, grade levels, subject areas, and specialties, these teachers tell their own stories about their practice, their challenges, and how they learned to maintain a social and pedagogical vision for their work.

Choice Outstanding Academic Title, This work is culturally sensitive, critically astute, and absolutely essential for teachers and teacher educators today. Grant, C. Doing Multicultural Education for Achievement and Equity , 2nd. New York: Routledge; translated into Korean. We created this book as a hands-on, reader-friendly multicultural education textbook that actively engages education students in critical reflection and self-examination as they prepare to teach in increasingly diverse classrooms.

Rethinking Anti Racisms From Theory To Practice

It challenges readers to take a truly active and ongoing role in promoting equity within education and helps to guide them in becoming highly qualified and fantastic teachers. May, S. Critical Multiculturalism: Theory and Praxis. Focusing on what multicultural education actually looks like in the classroom, this book encourages all to examine the latest theoretical perspectives on multicultural education, as well as personal beliefs about classroom diversity.

Carl Grant and I show how schools reflect broad patterns of institutional discrimination, and then offer five different approaches to addressing such problems in the classroom.

From Theory to Practice, 1st Edition

New York: Wiley. With a wealth of lesson plans for grade levels K covering a variety of subject areas, this book illustrates how to apply the principles of multicultural education in the classroom. This is designed as a practical, lesson-based companion to Making Choices for Multicultural Education.

Chapters in this edited book raise serious questions about the current accountability movement, whom it actually benefits, and how genuine progress can be make toward improving access to quality education and strengthening democratic education for everyone. Although the accountability movement purports to benefit all students and particularly those who have been left behind historically, on balance it appears to benefit primarily those who are White and native English-speaking; and it appears to be linked to a movement to privatize public services in the interests of large corporations.

Culture, Difference and Power. In this creative multimodal e-book on a CD-ROM, I blended text, pictures, music, and interactive activities to engage students in multiple ways, and to help them see connections among core concepts and practice. This was a strong seller until Mac shifted its operating system to OS 10, which it can run it only with some difficulty. It still does work on PC computers.

I am certain that Culture, Difference, and Power will compel users to question their conceptions about the society they live in, and that is not at all a bad start. Multicultural Education as Social Activism. Connecting multicultural education with political issues of power and struggle, I explore what multicultural education means to white people, given the unequal racial power relations in the U.

I examine connections between race, gender, and social class, particularly as these connections play out for white women.

Kevin's major research interest is the cultural geography of citizenship in Australia. It ahs involved five core research streams: geographies of racism; immigration and transnationalism; Australian Islam; Multiculturalism, national and local identities and citizenship; theorising memorialisation and cultural landscapes. In , he developed the Geographies of Racism website, where data sets on racist attitudes and experiences have been posted, a strong resource for all levels of government as also local communities.

As the Director of Justice, Ms. Fontaine supports the mandate and vision of SCO and its member constituencies by providing technical analysis, advocacy and support. SCO's Department of Justice currently addresses the areas of policing; public complaints; devolution of probations and community corrections services; gang research and prevention; restorative justice; judicial policy and development; and the move towards a parallel Indigenous justice system.

She has served the Aboriginal community regionally, provincially, nationally, and internationally on a myriad of boards, committees, workshops and presentations in the areas of social justice, human rights, indigenous women's and children's rights and Treaty implementation over the last ten years. His research interests are mainly in the social and electoral areas, focusing on geographies of advantage and disadvantage, most recently on ethnic group disadvantage. This area of work is currently being extended into research into geographies of racism. Work on electoral geography especially looks at relationships between money and voting outcomes, at geographies of inter-election change, and at state effects in Australian political behaviour.

As a member of the Higher School Certificate syllabus committee he has written a number of papers and texts on urban geography, and is currently involved in a re-write for the new Higher School Certificate syllabus.

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Her heritage, her intellect, experiences and love of history have all contributed to her deep understanding of life and people and have made her a force behind important Indigenous initiatives in Queensland and Australia. She has been an influential member of many organisations and is currently co-chair of Reconciliation Australia, in addition to many other appointments relating to Indigenous affairs. In , Jackie Huggins was awarded an Order of Australia for her services to the Indigenous community, particularly her work with reconciliation, literacy, women's issues and social justice.

Chris teaches in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Victoria University in areas of community and cultural psychology and qualitative research methods. Chris ' research is in the area of sense of community and intergroup relations and community cultural development. A major focus of his research is on understanding non-dominant group responses to oppression and exclusion, including racism.

His focus is on understanding the multiple and often hidden resources and structures groups develop to help protect valued cultural identities and to resist oppression. While he lived in Perth, he worked with the Community Arts Network exploring ways in which community arts and cultural planning can be utilised in community capacity building. Basil Varghese Basil Varghese has been dedicated over the last three decades to working with and for the disadvantaged in Australian society. Since , Basil has worked with the Brotherhood of St.

Laurence, Australia, as their Education Coordinator and Ambassador, sharing the Brotherhood's work and vision for an Australia free of poverty with business groups, churches, unions, schools and tertiary institutions. Basil's strong and ongoing commitment to social justice and his engagement with the community have made him a leading figure in challenging attitudes to poverty in Australia. Af : Bill Cll. Retrieved on 22 November Aiken, S. Alam, M. Ali, T.

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