Until the Final Hour: Hitlers Last Secretary

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Until the final hour : Hitler's last secretary, Traudl Junge edited by Melissa Müller

This late consciousness of a harsh reality will haunt her for the rest of her life and it will prevent her to be ever again a happy woman. But for the curious reader, this book offers tons of juicy and well observed details and anecodtes and gives a very credible painting of the life within the heart of the Nazi establishment.

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Going through the war with blinders on From Amazon Traudl Junge's recollection of her services to Adolf Hitler as one of his personal secretaries from proves to be relatively honest and entertaining. While I have read some of her views on Hitler scattered around in many books on Hitler and his inner circle, this volume was the first time all of her perception can be found. It pretty clear by Junge's recollection that Hitler had two totally different personality types. One personality type can be classically called the "Fuhrer" personality and the other one can be regarded as a more "private man" personality.

It pretty obviously that Junge mainly dealt with the "private man" instead of the manaical Fuhrer. The author and the her editor appears to go out of their way to paint Junge as a naive and clueless young woman. Many of the reviewers also painted her in the same light. But it seem like this train of thought lies in the perception of hindsight and afterthought. Its appears very clearly that Junge, like so many of her fellow Germans military and civilian alike spent much the war with blinders on.

Its hard to condemned some one like Junge for working for Hitler. Whether we like it or not, Hitler was the legitimate head of the German government and even if Hitler turned out to be the greatest war criminal of all times, I don't think Junge was in the position to judge Hitler or even second guess him during the time of her employment. From her narrative, it pretty easy to see Junge as a woman who was charmed by Hitler's softer side and her desire to do a good job for a good boss and at the same time, trying to fit into the world she ended up in.

Since all this was written back in while her memories remains fresh and her feeling haven't been compromise by the collective German guilt complex, I would say that what she wrote proves to be a rather honest, true to her conviction of her services to Hitler. Her views on Hitler does show a side of Hitler that should probably frighten any sane historian. A man appears to be truly human in Junge's eyes when most of the world see him as some sort of inhuman monster of alien cruelty.

If there was any weakness to the book, I think Junge didn't go far enough in her recollections regarding many members of Hitler's inner circle. Her descriptions appears too generic. It would have been nice if she could have gotten into bit more detail about her Soviet captivity.

Until the Final Hour Hitler's Last Secretary by Junge Traudl

I believe that this should be a mandatory reading material for any one interested in Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. The Musical Effect. Soft cover. No Jacket. This memoir is a unique historical document. Junge was from the end of until April was Hitler's private secretary. In she married one of Hitler's staff. Typing Hitlers correspondence, his speeches and even his last private and political will and testament.

It was only after the war that the horrible reality of Hitler's regime began to dawn on her, and she became racked with guilt for 'liking the greatest criminal ever to have lived.

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Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary - Traudl Junge, Gertraud Junge - Google книги

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He died early. Schmiderer was also unable to escape the way the project forced him to confront, once again, his country's past. I thought at some point, this past has to be over and done with, but that won't happen.

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Traudl Junge herself, describes in the film how the years working for Hitler more or less ruined her life and how his shadow constantly hangs over her. Following the death of Hitler, she fled from Berlin, before undergoing an official "denazification" process.

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  7. Only decades later did she realise that years of depression could be put down to her experience in the s. The imminent release of In the Blind Spot, plus the publication of a book by Junge, Up to the Eleventh Hour which is number eight in Amazon Germany's sales rankings has sparked a debate as to whether Germany and Austria also still suffer from a collective suppressed depression as a result of the Nazi years.

    German television stations have so far declined to buy the rights to the film.

    Its 90 minutes duration is too long, they say, insisting that the film is halved in length. Heller has so far refused.