XIVth International Congress on Mathematical Physics

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Sarig and R. Deckert and S.

Disertori and C. CRM, Montreal. Fields Institute, Toronto. Roma Italy Jul Quantum Roundabout Student conference on the mathematical foundations of quantum physics.

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University of Nottingham. May Analysis and beyond. A conference celebrating Jean Bourgain's work and impact. IAS, Princeton. Organized by N. Raymond, K.

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Pravda-Starov, S. Ruelle and Y. Princeton University. Damanik, V. Organized by G. Benfatto, M. Lombardo, V. Mastropietro, A. Researchers at all levels are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is March 1st, Feb 9 —14 51st Winter School of Theoretical Physics, "Irreversible dynamics: nonlinear, nonlocal and non-Markovian manifestations" Feb.

Chen and D. Application deadline: July 15, A four day conference exploring the frontiers of mathematical physics on the occasion of Antti Kupiainen's 60th birthday will be organized in Helsinki, June The annual Einstein lectures, organized by the Albert-Einstein Society Bern and the University of Bern are dedicated, in turn, to physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

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Instability of phase coexistence and translation invariance in two dimensions Physical Review Letters. Convergence to equilibrium in a system of reacting polymers Communications in Mathematical Physics. Probabilistic methods for stationary problems of linear transport theory Journal of Statistical Physics. Conditional equilibrium and the equivalence of microcanonical and grandcanonical ensembles in the thermodynamic limit Communications in Mathematical Physics. Time-displaced correlation functions in an infinite one-dimensional mixture of hard rods with different diameters Journal of Statistical Physics.

On the equivalence between KMS-states and equilibrium states for classical systems Communications in Mathematical Physics. Stability and equilibrium states of infinite classical systems Communications in Mathematical Physics.

Ergodic properties of an infinite one dimensional hard rod system Communications in Mathematical Physics. Momentum distribution in the Tomonaga model at finite temperatures Journal of Mathematical Physics. College counseling for self-injurious behavior: A case study Journal of College Counseling. An analysis of the linear, adiabatic oscillations of a star in terms of potential fields Astrophysics and Space Science. Aizenman M , Warzel S. Arguin LP , Aizenman M. Ruzmaikina A, Aizenman M. Aizenman M , Lieb EH. Aizenman M.

Multiple sums and integrals as neutral BKP tau functions

Schenker JH , Aizenman M. Aizenman M , Burchard A. Aizenman M , Graf GM. Aizenman M , Contucci P.

The Problem:

Aizenman M , Nachtergaele B. Aizenman M , Molchanov S. Aizenman M , Grimmett G. Aizenman M , Wehr J. Wehr J, Aizenman M. Aizenman M , Barsky DJ. Aizenman M , Newman CM. Harn M, Aizenman M.

Aizenman M , Graham R. Aizenman M , Simon B. Aizenman M , Martin PA. Aizenman M , Bak TA. We conclude by showing that the two-dimensional stochastic Navier-Stokes equations and a large class of reaction-diffusion equations fit the framework of our theory. It is shown that the Freidlin-Wentzell and central limit theorem homogenization limits commute.

Bruno Nachtergaele's Research

The proofs of our main results are based on some novel estimates on the resolvent of a hypoelliptic operator. In this article we derive rigorously amplitude equations for stochastic PDEs with quadratic nonlinearities, under the assumption that the noise acts only on the stable modes and for an appropriate scaling between the distance from bifurcation and the strength of the noise. We show that, due to the presence of two distinct timescales in our system, the noise which acts only on the fast modes gets transmitted to the slow modes and, as a result, the amplitude equation contains both additive and multiplicative noise.

As an application we study the case of the one dimensional Burgers equation forced by additive noise in the orthogonal subspace to its dominant modes. The theory developed in the present article thus allows to explain theoretically some recent numerical observations from [Rob03]. All rights reserved. We consider a class of parabolic stochastic PDEs driven by white noise in time, and we are interested in showing ergodicity for some cases where the noise is degenerate, i.